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1. General Provisions.

1.1 These rules set for hotel guests the order of residence in the hotel “Navigator” (hereinafter referred to as the “hotel”), the rules for using the property of the hotel, the volume of services provided, the responsibility of the parties.

1.2 Hotel activities are governed by the “Rules for the provision of hotel services in the Russian Federation” approved by Government Decree No. 1085 of 09.10.2015, on the basis of the RF Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Code of Administrative Offenses, On technical regulation “(with amendments and additions), other legislation of the Russian Federation, Federal Law No. 52-FZ of 30.03.1999” On Sanitary and Epidemiological Welfare of the Population “(with amendments and additions), Federal Law of 10.07.20 01, No. 87-FZ “On Restriction of Tobacco Smoking” (as amended and supplemented), Federal Law No. 38-FZ of October 13, 2006, “On Advertising” (as amended), Federal Law of December 21, 1994 No. 69-FZ “On fire safety”, article 16 of which indicates the approval by the Government of regulatory legal acts establishing a fire prevention regime, Government Decree of 25.04.2012 No. 390 “On Fire Prevention”), as well as internal regulations and rules established in the hotel .

1.3 The hotel is intended for temporary residence of citizens for a period agreed with the hotel administration. After the expiration of the agreed period, the resident must release the number at the request of the Administration. If you want to extend the period of stay, you must inform the hotel administrator not later than 2 hours before the check-out time – 12 hours local time. The extension of the stay in the same room is possible only if there is no confirmed reservation for the benefit of third parties.

2. Rules for using the property of the hotel.

2.1 The hotel provides guests with furnished cabins in a number of 45 cabins of different categories: Standard I, Standard I, Comfort, Family Room, Panoramic Room I, Junior Suite, Room I Category “Junior Suite”, suite “Admiral”, studio “Observatory”, equipped with household appliances (TV, refrigerator, etc.) with plumbing and other equipment. The cabins of the studio “FAMILY” have fully equipped kitchen areas. The hotel cabins and common areas are insulated, have modern finishing, engineering networks, equipment, equipment, which meet all requirements at the time of commissioning (2008). Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel. In each cabin there is a list of property located in it.

2.2 Guests should carefully handle the property of the hotel, use the equipment for its intended purpose, and comply with fire safety requirements. In case of damage to property, technical malfunctions, emergencies (gulf, fire, broken glass, etc.), you must immediately inform the duty administrator.

2.3 The guest is obliged to compensate the damage in case of loss, damage or damage to the property of the hotel. The damage is assessed on the basis of the “price list for the damage to the property of the hotel.”

3. Internal hotel stay.

3.1 The hotel administrator is responsible for keeping the hotel’s internal routine. He gives the guests an explanation of the rules of residence, receives complaints from them on the actions of staff and other visitors who violate the established order of the hotel. Check-in at the hotel is carried out only when the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation is presented, for citizens of foreign countries, when a passport of a citizen of the inland state is presented, a visa and a migration card, for categories of citizens of the Russian Federation who do not have a Russian passport, it is possible to settle in the presence of a birth certificate, a certificate (with a business trip sheet) and etc.

3.2 If the guest agrees with the current rules of the Navigator Hotel and the arrangement of residence, the contract for the provision of hotel services is deemed to be concluded.

3.3 Guests after the conclusion of the contract (receiving a full package of all necessary documents confirming the check-in and accommodation at the hotel) for the stay with the hotel receive from the administrator a key card from the cabin provided for living. The key card is an energy-saving card with a chip. It is forbidden to transfer the key card from the cabin to other persons.

ATTENTION! The key card is a pass to the hotel. The loss of the card by the guest entails the payment of a fine of 200 rubles! After that, the administrator on duty issues a new key card to the guest.

3.4 If guests have valuable valuables (money, jewelry, etc.) that are of compact size and can be easily removed, the guests, in order to ensure their safety, must hand over these things to the hotel administrator.

3.5. The mode of work of the hotel “Navigator” is round the clock.

3.6 Arrival at the hotel is at 14:00 local time, check out time is 12:00 local time.

3.7 From 23.00 to 8.00 am inside the building on the territory you need to keep silence. In cabins at this time it is forbidden to turn on the big loudness of an audiosystem and TVs. Otherwise, make noise and create inconvenience to other guests and hotel staff.

3.8 Visitors can come to the hotel from 08.00 to 23.00 hours. At the arrival of the visitor must give consent living in the cabin, and the administrator keeps a record of all visitors coming to the hotel to the visitor. A guest staying in the cabin is responsible for the visitor. If necessary, the administrator has the right to check the documents of the visitor. The administrator has the right to prohibit the visitor from entering the hotel.

3.9 In case of a visitor’s delay in the guest’s room after 23:00 or a wire to the hotel by a registered guest of an unauthorized person at night (from 23:00 to 08:00 hours), these persons must be registered in the guest room. For such a settlement, payment is charged according to the price list approved in the Navigator Hotel.

3.10 If a guest wishes to be not disturbed, he can hang a sign with a picture on the outside of the door handle on the outside, signifying “do not disturb!”, Which is included in the equipment of the room. On the back of the plate is drawing 2, meaning “please remove!”, A guest can hang such a sign if he thinks that the cabin is insufficiently cleaned.

3.11 It is prohibited to find any animals in the hotel.

4. Energy saving.

4.1 The key card from the cabin is simultaneously an energy card, without which electric appliances and lighting will not work in the cabin. The card is inserted into a special pocket located in the hallway of the room. After leaving the cabin all electrical appliances must be turned off, the card is removed from the pocket. Electricity is turned off 10 seconds after the card is deleted. Do not leave electrical appliances and lighting on after leaving the cabins