Dear guest!

Welcome to the only existing thematic Hotel-museum devoted to distinguished seafarers. It will be surprise for You to fill the spirit of romantic and adventure in our hotel. Formalized rooms as cabins have names of famous seafarers and discoverers and it’s like immersing You to period of Great Geographical discoveries. There has information about that amazing people and their achievements.  

Our Hotel is unique by museum expositions from “Museum of World Ocean”. “Navigator” – this is living interactive museum. This is your opportunity to plunge into incredible atmosphere: to turn out on age-old ship, to settle in cabin of famous captain, to learn old maps and plenty more.

45 “cabins” of the hotel are ready to find lodging for 115 guests including people with physically challenged and confirms to all present-day standards of quality of 3-star hotel in full extent. In hotel are situated the security service and video surveillance of parking area, what made Your staying more safely.

The price-list will be pleasant surprise. Original interiors and service quality will make the best impressions. You will be meeting with kind crew and the hospitality will receive to the board. We are the professionals in comfort rest, see You soon!