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Sailing yacht tour

A sailing yacht is a completely different experience that is incomparable to anything. Imagine: You will glide silently on the surface of the sea under all sails, with the whole body feel the strength of fresh sea wind, and salt spray on the lips. So it was a hundred and two hundred years ago … So they discovered America … You do not break the noise of the motor of a quiet harmonious world, you just are its natural, friendly part.

For a long time, sailing was for some reason considered an expensive pleasure, and the yacht was the subject of extraordinary luxury. But time goes by, everything changes. For a long time already all over the world yachting (this is the name of the management of a sailing vessel) has become a popular type of active recreation, including family, accessible to all comers.

If you decide to rest on the sea at all, and even more so, if you came to us on the Baltic Sea, do not miss your chance, be sure to try to sail. Safety and unforgettable impressions are guaranteed.

We offer you boat trips lasting from several hours to cruises for several days. Our experience allowed us to develop several interesting routes. However, we can develop a route specially for you and sail all over the Baltic Sea (Poland: Gdansk, Gdynia, Hel, Vladislavovo, Leba, Ustka, etc.): Denmark: Bornholm and Christiansjo, Lithuania: Klaipeda. On the Kaliningrad and Vistula Gulfs (Poland: Frombork, Tolkmitsko, Elblag, Krenitsa Morska, etc.)

On board the sailing yacht you can:

  • Go on a boat trip to change the environment and stay with nature
  • Spend time with friends under the splash of sea water overboard the yacht
  • Celebrate a birthday, wedding anniversary, anniversary or other holiday
  • To meet the sea sunset
  • Spend the night trip and admire Kaliningrad, decorated with night lights
  • Make an offer of a hand and a heart to a beloved girl
  • Organize a romantic evening with your loved one in a pleasant environment for a quiet splash of water, giving unforgettable emotions.

If you plan to rest a big company, then we are ready to offer you a rest on two or three yachts simultaneously.

Terms of a sailing yacht during the day:

  • Sailing yacht accommodates up to 8 guests.
  • Cost – 2 500 rubles. Per hour (minimum 3 hours).
  • In adverse weather conditions, a walk may be postponed.
  • In a comfortable cabin you can sit at the table, use the dishes.
  • The crew of the sailing yacht will offer you hot tea, coffee, mineral water to your taste.
  • You can postpone or cancel a walk no later than a day. A walk on a yacht will bring new colors to your life and give you a great mood.