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Shooting skeet (stand shooting) – a great pastime for corporate recreation, during hibernation hours, amongst standout athletes in the mode of unloading between trainings. This is an excellent occasion for the father of the family and to have fun and entertain your wife and children.

Sporting is a sport-hunting shooting from a smooth-bore weapon with a small shot on flying targets and skeletons moving on the ground. All the fans of shooting shooting, as well as those who want to try themselves in this sport, we invite to the Strelkov-booth club “Vystrel”!

“Shot” is located in a picturesque area with a lake. There are several sporting grounds on the territory of the complex, a covered area for rest and cocktail parties, convenient parking.

The program for conducting master classes includes:

  • Arrival-meeting of the group (20-30 min.)
    • Meeting guests by employees of SSK “Vystrel”.
    • Accommodation in a covered recreation area.
    • Coffee pause.
  • Briefing (15-20 min.)
    • Familiarization with safety rules when handling weapons.
    • Familiarization with the rules of shooting.
  • Training in shooting skills (1-1.5 hours)
    • Delivery of weapons.
    • Carrying out training, training.
    • Delivery of weapons.

The cost of the master class is 1,300 rubles. For 1 participant.