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Wakeboarding is an explosive mixture between snowboarding, water skiing, skateboarding and classic surfing.

Surfing has always been a popular activity for many beach lovers. So, in those days when the ocean did not give a wave, the surfers were entertained, skating on their boards behind the boat or even along the bank behind the car. Over time, this hobby generated an independent sport, which is now called wakeboarding. Wakeboarding is also included in the list of new disciplines of the Olympic Games 2020.

This is a very entertaining sport, with a high level of acrobatics. With wakeboarding, any acrobatic performance will never be monotonous, because it contains simply stunning tricks. Tricks are performed both on the water surface and in the air. As a rule, starting in the air for jumping with the rotation and turning is one of the most spectacular stunts that can be performed.

The boat used in wakeboarding resembles a boat for water skiing. It differs only in that the rope is usually attached to the elevation about 2 meters above the water level, and the design of the boat allows it to take ballast from the water to create a higher wave, which is used as a springboard. Wakeboard is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. This is a boat, and water, and friends.